Tenant is required: error 1023

Hello everyone,

the error described in the title has been appearing for a few days now, when I launch my unattended robot and try to add an item to the queue.

The strange thing is that this happens only after 2/3 hours of continuous run. So to recap, I launch the unattended robot, it loads about 50 items into the queue and systematically after about 2/3 hours it fails to load items into the queue anymore, returning that error.

I’ve already checked the machine, any policies associated with the user, and the windows event viewer, but no errors result.

Has anyone had experience about this error and can give me any advice?


As a diagnostic tool it might be helpful to see if the error always happens after a certain amount of time. To do taht I usually add a log message with the date & time stamp. Like this:

"Loop completed: " + System.DateTime.Now.ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss”)

You get the start time from the log and then compare that to the last successful run before things fail and then you can see if it’s consistently failing around the same time.

You could also do a loop counter and see if the same number of actions happen.

This is just a diagnostic suggestion to figure out more about what is triggering the problem.