Random error invoking REST call between Robot and Orchestrator Cloud: "Tenant is required Error code: 1023"

Hello everyone,

Has this error “Tenant is required Error code: 1023” ever happened to you? How did you fix it?

During the run of the job from Orchestrator it occurs after one / two hours of execution. The project is based on listening to a mailbox and sorting the mails according to the subject. It also creates, for each email, a queue item to start the correlated specific process.

Thanks a lot


As you said it is in listening to a mailbox, can you check the Orchestrator connection when this is raising the error, Chances maybe It could be network disconnection between orchestrator and robot

Hope this may help you



how can I perform this check? and after verifying that this is the problem, how can I solve it?

I have opened several tickets to UiPath support without reaching a result.

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