Tell if robot was triggered on schedule by orchestrator or not

Is there a way that my robot can tell if it was triggered on the schedule or if it was triggered by a user within orchestrator? I want to plot 2 different paths for my robot that are dependent upon whether it was triggered on the schedule or not.

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Hello Stephanie_Rimel,

Indeed, in orchestrator, we have an option “Source” to see if the robot/process is triggered through a Manual, scheduled/Queue Trigger or Assistant or Timer Trigger.

Here is the screenshot from 2020.10 orchetrator version.


Hope this helps, Please let us know for more information.
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Hey @Stephanie_Rimel

Getting the current job info from API may help.


is it possible to get this value into uipath studio? Or is this what the robot api is for?


We can try with GET PROCESS STATUS API call

Where we get the response with multiple notes in it
Look for SOURCE key and you will get to know the source of trigger whether it is manual or scheduled

Check this link on how to perform that api call


Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Stephanie_Rimel

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