UiPath working with mainframe scheduler


Context : We have jobs running in Mainframe scheduler on daily basis post successful run of all batch jobs UiPath robot has to trigger automatically.

So far we are manually checking all the job status in mainframe scheduler and triggering the bots in orchestrator.

Questions i have so far -

  1. Do we have any option to trigger a mail like job completed in mainframe schedulers, so that Bot can read the mail in certain intervals and trigger the UiPath Robot in orchestrator.

  2. Any web services can we implement to pass the mesage to orchestrator to run the BOT.

  3. i have seen scheduler runs by even driven automation, Do we have any direct functionality to communicate between both the servers(Mainframe scheduler and UiPath orchestrator)

Please pass on any ideas or suggestion based on your experience.

Thanks in advance!!


  1. It depends on the scheduler you are using. I think mainframe schedulers does have an option to send an email. If it does not, add a JCL step for SMTP at the end of final job

  2. Orchestrator has APIs that can be used to start any job

  1. I doubt there is a feature to invoke an API from mainframe schedulers. go thru the manual for your mainframe scheduler
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Thanks alot it really helps us.