Manual or automatically job start

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Is it possible to know if the robot has been triggered by a manual start from a operator on the uipath robot windows or by a orchestrator run job ?



We can trigger our BOT in 3 ways.

  1. By Clicking Run from UiPath Studio.
  2. By running it from UiRobot System Tray.
  3. Through Orchestrator.

For doing 2nd and 3rd steps first we need to publish our process from UiPath Studio.

There is 4th one which is invoking the xaml BOT file by using a batch file and schedule the same batch file from windows task scheduler.

Ty for reply, but it wasn’t my question.

To be more clear, i’m wondering if it’s possible to know what trigger has been use to launch the robot.
Because like you said many way exist to run robot, and i want to know which one has been use

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If you are using Unattended BOT then trigger it from Orchestrator and if you are using Attended BOT then trigger it from either UiRobot System tray or from UiPath studio.

What are you talking about ?


Are you looking for how to trigger BOT right ?

No. I just want to know what trigger has been use ^^

You can check source in the Jobs tab in orchestrator. If job is triggered from uipath system tray its value will be ‘Agent’. If job is submitted from orchestrator then ‘Manual’, If job was scheduled then “Name of schedule”

My bad, i wasn’t specific enough. I want this information from the studio and put it in a variable.

It can be done by calling orchestrator APIs to fetch all the jobs and filter your job by using its properties. Once you got the correct job, its easy to get the required information using property ‘SourceType’.

Yep it is what i finally found too. ty <3

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