Scheduling in Orchestrator!


I am like to check, Is there any functionality in uipath Orchestrator where if i am going schedule a process in Orchestrator it will auto check if the time slot is available on particular machine or if its conflicts with another schedule ?


Check below post

you can check with Orchestrator API


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Hi @daljit_parmar - There is no direct way to achieve but as @Srini84 mentioned, you can make use of session API and find out if the robot is busy.
You can also make use of ProccessSchdule APIs to find out the cron for a trigger and do some calculations to find out next run time of the trigger.

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Thank you very much guys for your reply, but in my case Available or busy solutions not gonna work as with 500++. VM’S runing 100++ process daily and we have to scheduled it very carefully to avoid overlapping.

Thank you once again