How to schedule task in uipath


I had tried to schedule a task through “Task Scheduler”, but some time it triggered or some times it not trigger.

Is there any other solution for daily schedule task?

Hi @sams. You will need to ensure that the robot is connected at all times when the job is scheduled to perform. So the robot environment needs to be on, and the robot service initiated and connected to orchestrator.

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Thanks @Djh,

How can I connect the robot with uipath studio community edition? and How to robot service is initiate with orchestrator?

The Robot needs to be initialised on your computer, where studio is, you can initialise the robot by either running a process, which will usually kick start the robot, or by searching for robot.exe file and double clicking on it. you will know the robot is running when you will see the UiPath symbol in your system tray (bottom right of your computer screen, where you can see your wireless symbol etc.)

for connecting your robot to orchestrator see the guide below:

Many thanks!

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