Task Scheduler don't work when RDP is disconnected (session)

Hello! I’ve a problem about the Task Scheduler… He don’t works when the session of Remote Desktop Protocol is closed (disconnected). I Have a project completly functional and works when I “Run” on UiPath Studio and when “Run” on UiPath Robot (after “Publish” and run by taskbar).
I create a Task, on Task Scheduler, when he execute my project… When i press the right but and click run, he run’s perfectly as well i put a trigger (but just if i have the RDP session open). Task Scheduler “Last Run Result” is: 0x1. Someone can help me?

I followed the documentation of UiPath and saw a lot of topics here and nothing… I try to resolve, reading the documentation of Microsoft about the Task Scheduler and stayed in same position…

I really appreciate your help…

(I’m using Windows Server 2012 R2 on a Cloud Provider and my UiPath version is: 2016.2.6274)


any solution u got for same?
i am also facing same issue with tak scheduler, when rdp disconnects it is not able to work specially click image and send hotkey activities