Task Mining Error "No Connection With Server, Please Contact Admin"

Error Fix for Task Mining Error " Unable to install. No connection with server, please contact Admin" .

Issue Description: Task Mining - Unable to install. No connection with the server, please contact Admin.

Root Cause: Certificate has expired.

Resolution: Perform any of the below options,

Approach #1: Bypass the certificate verification by modifying file: C:\Users\username\appdata\local\Programs\task-mining\externals\layers.config.json

  1. Open the installation folder in file explorer. ( location depends on the installation type MSI vs EXE MSI is %localappdata%\Programs\task-mining)
  2. Open externals folder
  3. Find layers.config.json and open it with any text editor. for example with a notepad
  4. set the selected property to true (see attached screenshot)
image (42).png

Approach #2 : Update the certificate .