Task Capture 2022.4 Preview Release

Task Capture 2022.4 Preview Release

Hello Community!

Remember the 2022.1 preview release? We’ve prepared a new version of Task Capture with a bunch of improvements and new cool updates built on top of those features according to the received feedback! Don’t hesitate to give it a try and share your insights!

BPMN Elements Panel

The new panel provides you with quick access to the diagram elements that can be used for building a process map.
In addition to the supported types of basic elements (task, call activity, different types of decisions and events) available since the January release, we’re introducing a new element of BPMN - Pool. Use it as a starting point for building the process map, as it consists of 3 swimlanes that you can use as a basis for your flow.

:point_up: Note: Subprocesses are still on our radar for future enhancements, which we can prioritize as soon as we receive more feedback highlighting their value :slight_smile:

Exception Handling

Does your process contain exception scenarios that you want to visually differentiate on the process map as well as in the exported documentation? Now, you can easily build them by attaching events to the sequences, tasks, etc., to indicate the exception flow of the process.

Right-click the element on the diagram to open the context menu and select the “Attach border event” option. Choose the type of event according to your process flow requirements. You can build the exception flow out of the event element. It will be included in a separate section of your PDD and as a TryCatch activity of automation skeleton for Studio/StudioX.

:point_up: Note: To ensure that the exception flow is included in exported Word file, please use one of the default templates or add the corresponding placeholders to your custom one

Import BPMN files

Leverage existing process maps created with other BPMN tools by importing them into the Task Capture project instead of creating them from scratch!
Go to File → Import → BPMN to the option to easily migrate created diagrams into Task Capture and speed up the preparation of the skeleton for further automation by capturing details of each business step!

:point_up: Note: Some of the BPMN elements might not be included in the Task Capture file as they are not supported by the application

How to get it? :inbox_tray:

Feel free to download the 64bit EXE installer here

Known issues

After the successful installation of the Java extension the “Install” button might still be displayed. This happens as for Java 11 and 13 version extension is not required but there are no errors during the installation process either (hence the message is successful). We’re working on improvements to this flow and messaging.

Share your feedback :loudspeaker:

This is our first release of these big features, hence we are open to your suggestions & ideas and appreciate your feedback! Feel free to share your thoughts and let us know how we can improve :raised_hands:


@Anna_Hotsa really great and important features! I believe subprocesses would be a great thing to have.

If the sub-processes can be opened and minimized integrated within the main diagram it would be great. Using the sublevels one could group the elements into different views (main process scope, component level, detail level) and perhaps open the different scopes with a click. Each scope addresses different clients (management, middle management, line worker).


Really excited to give it a try :relaxed:

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Excited to explore on this amazing product

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Hi @PeCour,
Thanks for your feedback, that makes sense! Just to clarify - I believe the grouping of elements by scope can be achieved with swimlanes/pools now, right? However, the issue is that in this case, the process map looks quite complex as all the elements are visible, and with subprocesses, it would be possible to hide/collapse them inside the main subprocess elements. Is my understanding correct?

Hi @Anna_Hotsa,
thank you! Yes, the main point you mentioned is correct and is also the most important one.

The other point I was making is a nice-to-have feature. Which could be building upon that.
The point is to have a filter button to directly select the view you want to have (somehow similar to excel “grouping”). Hence, one can view the top level without sub-processes or select the view with sub-processes. And further, one can export the view required. For top management view 1, business unit view 2 or for developers view 3.

Small draft:

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Hey @Anna_Hotsa,

i have been testing the preview version and am facing few issues.

  1. I can’t install it for every user so can you provide an msi installer for the new version
  2. when i import bpmn files, the link between the swim-lanes and task are lost. they don’t move together
  3. Its difficult to add connecting arrows between sequences
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Hi @PeCour!
Wow, that’s a great detailed explanation, thank you! I see your point and it makes sense. We’ll keep it in mind while collecting feedback from other users as well :slight_smile:

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Hello @Anurag_Singh1!
Thanks for testing it!

  1. Yes, it’s correct as for the preview (Community) release we generate only EXE installer. Please wait for the 2022.4 GA release in May, that’s when we deliver the MSI installer for per machine type of installation :slight_smile:
  2. That’s a nice catch, thanks a lot for reporting it! I just tried and it’s painful indeed :frowning: As a workaround, I can suggest moving the swimlane to another area and then dragging & dropping those elements to the swimlane again to attach them to it
  3. Could you please elaborate more on this one? Any steps to reproduce or examples would be helpful!

Hey @Anna_Hotsa,

Thanks that seems to be working.
For the point no 3 from my previous comment, i can explain this over a call. Its just that the connecting arrows are not are difficult to orient.

Also i wanted to ask if the upload to Automation Hub with custom template has been added to this release or not?
I mean presently we can only upload with a default template from UiPath and i was wondering if this could be changed to custom templates as well?