Task Capture 2022.1 Preview Release

Task Capture 2022.1 Preview Release

Happy New Year, Community! :wave: :christmas_tree:

We are excited to share with you the preview release of the Task Capture 2022.1 version that introduces a bunch of the most awaited features! :tada:
Walkthrough the list of updates below, give it a try, and feel free to share the feedback

What’s new? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Export to Studio enhancements

We’ve been working on updating the recorder and enabling extensions support to improve the quality of selectors. Now, you can choose selector quality mode for generating .XAML file for export to Studio/StudioX. Leverage three predefined modes or configure selector precision according to your needs with the custom one.
:warning: Please be aware that generating a highly precise selector requires more time during capturing remote desktop environments, hence it might take a little bit longer to capture actions if you turn on all the optimization options.

One more focus area was export enhancements. When exporting to Studio, you’re now able to choose the type of activities — classic or modern. In addition to this, we’ve improved PII data masking in Studio and StudioX export by masking the entire input instead of including the first letter only.

The additional update relates to Studio projects usage. Now, if you export the XAML file from Task Capture and one of the selected parents’ folders contains an existing Studio project, you have an option to use the files of that project and save screenshots in its folder, create a new project, or chose another folder. This way you can avoid potential dependencies issues during the creation of the project from the exported XAML file.

Export to StudioX

We’re excited to share that Task Capture now allows you to generate .xaml files compatible with StudioX. Citizen Developers can use Task Capture flows as a starting point, increasing development speed and usability. This will help CoE leads accelerate their Citizen Development Programs, ensuring that anyone who wants can be empowered to take on frontline automation opportunities for themselves or teammates.

BPMN elements support

This month, we’re introducing BPMN elements support, allowing you to build more comprehensive and detailed process maps according to business standards. For that, we used the existing supported elements and allowed users to change their type to BPMN compatible format. We also introduced a possibility to add intermediate events as well as change icons on the elements to make your process maps even easier to scan visually. Simply add an element to a process map and use right-click context menu to change its type & icon (for the event only) according to your needs!
Here is a list of all the available types of elements:

  • Sequence:
    • Task
    • Transaction
    • Sub-Process
    • Call Activity
  • Decision:
    • Exclusive
    • Inclusive
    • Parallel
    • Gateway Event
  • Event:
    • Start
    • Start (non-interrupting)
    • Intermediate
    • Intermediate (non-interrupting)
    • End event

:warning: Please note that there is no visual difference between the default Event and the BPMN Start event. However, it is possible to add new elements only from the BPMN elements types. Hence, if you want to add elements from the event, please change its type to any of the BPMN available ones.

How to get it? :inbox_tray:

Feel free to download the 64bit EXE installer here

Known issues

After the installation of Firefox extension, it’s not possible to uninstall it from the Task Capture Settings page.
In some cases, Firefox extension might be displayed as “Installed” even though the browser itself is not installed. This issue might happen in case you had the Firefox browser and extension previously installed, but uninstalled the browser later.
These issues are already on our radar and we’re looking for options to fix them :wrench:

After the successful installation of Java extension the “Install” button might still be displayed. This happens as for Java 11 and 13 version extension is not required but there are no errors during the installation process either (hence the message is successful). We’re working on improvements to this flow and messaging.

Share your feedback :loudspeaker:

This is our first release of these big features, hence we are open to your suggestions & ideas and appreciate your feedback! Feel free to share your thoughts and let us know how we can improve :raised_hands:


Hi, looks great! BPMN, Click-documentation and PDD with one tool?! You’re nailing it :hammer:

Are we able to link Sub-Process elements to their own Sub-Process diagrams like in other BPMN tools?


Hi @lukasziebold!
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: Do you mean something similar to what is available in Visio when you can add a link to the element so that you could connect it with another tab of the file or another file? Could you please share more details about what kind of benefits it could bring to you?

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Thanks for the response!

I didn’t have time to check out the changes yet and I’m not using Visio, but I saw you listing

so I wondered if we are able to connect the Sub-Process element to its own diagram. I don’t know if this happens in another tab or file and I will check out the improvements myself when I can.

The benefits of this function is the ability to provide a high-level process diagram but also being able to directly get into the details of a sub-process.

Example: In the high-level diagram there is a Sub-Process element named “Retrieve Data”. When you click on it, you can see and edit the individual steps of said Sub-Process.



Morning @Anna_Hotsa @lukasziebold,

In general, I think the BPMN features are good to use. The most important features are included, which is good enough for a start.

I also believe sub-processes would be a great feature. Currently, they are not supported in the preview.

Further, it would be good to add pools as boundaries to swim lanes. Those are basic in BPMN.

And another feedback would be that the import of Visio diagrams in BPMN Shape from Visio to Task Capture doesn’t work.


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