Task Capture 2021.8 Preview Release

Task Capture 2021.8 Preview Release

Hello, Community! :wave:

It’s been just a month since the last release but we’ve already prepared great updates for you in the Task Capture 2021.8 version! :tada:

See the changes described below, try them out and feel free to share the feedback :raised_hands:

What’s new?

Import MS Visio Diagram :black_small_square::small_blue_diamond:

Do you already have a created process map using MS Visio and want to continue documenting the process in Task Capture? Easily open MS Visio files in Task Capture instead of creating the diagram from scratch!
Visit the official documentation page to find out more about the compatibility of the elements.

:warning: Please note that the title of Start Event elements is changed to “Start” by default. Also, all Event elements of the process map (except for Start and End) are converted to Sequences automatically.

Import Visio

Leverage the updated recorder :camera: :mag:

We’ve changed the recorder component to improve the quality of selectors Task Capture generates for Studio output. It’s already set up as a default recorder, so just capture your process, export it to Studio in XAML format and check out results!

:warning: Switch to the Classic recorder type if you notice any issues by going to Home → Settings → Capturing page. Please don’t forget to report the issue so that we could make sure you won’t encounter it again :slight_smile:

How to get it? :wrench:

Feel free to download the 64bit EXE installer here :inbox_tray:

Share your feedback :speaking_head:

Let us know what you think about the updates:

  • what are the most commonly used Visio elements you believe we’re missing in Task Capture?
  • have you noticed any changes in the capturing experience and exported XAML file?

Found any inconsistency, bug or point for improvement? Don’t hesitate to share your insights here! :arrow_down:


Hi @Anna_Hotsa,

These are great features :slight_smile: specially the revised selectors once.

Currently, we are using 21.4 version of task capture and yes selectors are different and doesn’t work directly in studio without changes being made.
So, we are happy to hear this will be available in 21.8 version :), will be a benefit to developers in accelerating their automation process.

Another challenge that we came across which would be helpful to have in upcoming version is as below:

Currently, this .xaml file generated can only be opened/utilized by studio/studio pro profile but we do think this would be beneficial for business users(studiox) as well to simply use task capture to record the process and directly open using studiox.

I know this is already on your radar per my discussions with @rashmi.nc but not sure which version upgrade this would be available.

Hoping to have it soon!!


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Hi @sonaliaggarwal47!

First, thanks for keeping an eye on Task Capture updates and being an active Community member!

Just to set up the right expectations - the fact that we improved the recorder part is just a first step of producing higher qualitative XAML files :slight_smile: The selectors should be better than before, but most likely there still will be cases where RPA dev input would be required. With that being said, you’re more than welcome to play with the new version and let us know if you noticed the changes, what could be improved more, etc. And I mean not only the selectors but also the structure of the file itself - would it be more valuable to wrap it in another activity than Flowchart? How about the activities we support (Click, Send Hotkey, Type Into) - what could be changed in there?

Yes, export to XAML file compatible with StudioX is on our radar already. Unfortunately, I can not provide an exact estimation yet as we’re still working on finalizing the roadmap and everything is subject to change, but that’s one of the top items on our list for 2022 now.

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Thank you @Anna_Hotsa for your reply.

Sure, we will report if we observe anything else that could be improved further :slight_smile:


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can not use [Import Visio Diagram]

Hi @shirley

Could you maybe share the .vsdx file with us? :slight_smile: