Taking multiple screen shot for same page for eg. Glassdoor reviews

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Need help in capturing reviews as screenshot from sites like glassdoor and paste it in word. Need to add date range field as well to capture reviews pertaining to specific date range.

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You can use the activity Take Screenshot.

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Hi, I have created the sequence but now facing issue in the loop activity while taking screenshot. i have attached the file for reference. please help.test1.xaml (19.0 KB) Test.xlsx (10.2 KB)

what is the problem? first thing i see is the close window, you dont need it to be inside attach window, because you are already inside open browser, also i prefer to use Close Tab instead with also a delay after closing so next iterate have time to open a new browser.

Ok. Thanks for the update. can you help in correcting the activity so that for each row, browser opens the link and than take the screenshot of the review and save it. For me the activity was getting stuck after taking one screen shot and than it was not moving on the the next row.

Also, as you must have seen that the review area is dynamic(can be very small or very large depending on what user has submitted). Is there a way it can be automated to adjust the review area?

it starts with an error for empty datatable… what did you want to do, start erasing your excel? also is not very good to use excel scope to do activities like open browser…

you can delete the write range activity, as i had it in the original file wherein the data was first scrapped from the site and than filtered.

Before opening the browser activity, i have passed the read range activity output to urllinks table. it is using that table for performing the activity.( I had attached the sample excel file for reference).