How to take screen shots excel work book sheets

i have requirement i have 5 excel sheets in excel workbook i want to take screenshots of all the excel sheets and paste back in another excel sheets
any idea how can do

Hey @T_Y_Raju

You want to copy the the 5 sheets and paste them into another sheets?
if yes, you can do the following steps for each sheet:

  • Use “read range” activity to copy the sheet in particular data table.
  • Then use “write range” activity to paste it into the new sheet.

Do this steps five times, so you will add five “read range” activities and five “write range” activities, in each one of them you have to change the source sheet and the destination sheet.

Hope it helps, let me know if it works.
My regards.


Hope the following sample helps you. (21.6 KB)


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