Multiple screenshots insertion in excel cell problem

I want to take multiple screenshots by browser but the take screenshot activity is not taking multiple screenshots and save the screenshots in particular cells of the excel sheet for example cell A2,A3,A4… how i take multiple screenshots . please resolve this problem
Main.xaml (56.3 KB)

Hi @Akanksha_Gaur
You can use it inside parallel activity.


Hi @Akanksha_Gaur ,

Do you want to take multiple Screenshots at the same time or Are you Looping through and Taking each Screenshot and trying to save it to Excel ?

However, If you are not able to Take a Screenshot at all, then we would need to Inspect the Selector being used, if at all a Selector is used in the Activity. You could Provide us the Selector Information by Opening a UiExplorer and send it’s Screenshot here.

yes, I am lopping through and taking each screenshot and trying to save it to excel sheet but how? please help me to resolve this problem

Didn’t work parallel activity

Hello @Akanksha_Gaur

You can use insert image at cell activity. But its a custom activity. Refer the below post.
No other activities are there in UiPath to achieve this.


use this

VBA.txt (568 Bytes)
Main (1).xaml (50.9 KB)

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