Multiple screenshots of whole page and save image

I want to go multiple sites which are on excel sheet and then take screenshot of whole page and save image with new name

Hi @preksha_srivastava

  1. Use Excel scope with Read range activity to get data which is present in excel file.
  2. Use For Each Row loop to traverse through each Row and get URL.
  3. Inside loop use Navigate to URL to navigate from one URL to another.
  4. Inside loop use Take Screenshot activity to capture the screen with proper selector which will return a image Variable.
  5. Inside loop use Save image activity to save the captured image by providing the image variable and along with the file name that you want(image format will be .jpg).

Hope this will help you…!!!

Vijay Kumar C.

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read the data from excel into datatable. Then use use for each row activity to go by each row,{ read the data use open browser activity to ope excel then use take screenshot activity, then save image activity and then close the browser }.
This should help

I want to take screenshot of whole web page which cannot be done with take screenshot activity,

Just install an extension that does that and use UiPath to use that extension (i.e. clicking)

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Hi @preksha_srivastava

in that case don’t give any selector in Take Screenshot activity. this will capture the whole screen in the image variable.

Vijay Kumar C.

This is just taking the screenshot of the screen.But I want the screenshot for the whole page open in the browser,i.e,from up to down

Hi @preksha_srivastava

Can you please share a sample URL and image that you are trying to capture.
in which browser you are doing this process ??


No need to share any URL or image. The request is clear. Install Greenshot and after navigating to your page, send the hotkeys Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr.
Setup Greenshot so it saves directly to a custom location and you can take the image from there.

(this solution is for IE, which is the recommended browser for UiPath)


I do not want to use hot keys.Is there any other activity that can do so or any other package.

I have offered a very simple solution that I’m also using. I do not understand why you don’t use to use hotkeys.

Hai, I have 3 months data present in excel and is grouped based on months for each month data i want a saperate screenshot. Can anyone help me how to take the particular screenshot . Thank you