Taken screenshot with the screen off

Hello to all!
I have the following problem - I launch the robot on the terminal, using remote desktop connection. It runs on time, at the moment there can be no one. The problem is that he does not take a screenshot if there is no active Windows session. Everything else works without problems.


if there is not active windows session why do you need that screenshot.

It would be a desktop if you are taking screenshot during attended, so unattended any of the applications that you are working on should be open (This is what I am guessing)


The robot runs on the terminal at a certain time. At this moment, no one can sit at the terminal, respectively, the session is not active, but the robot works, opens the browser, pops up SAP and Excel tables, but when it comes to the screenshot - it falls.

RDP is doable if the using the latest orchestrator version.