Regarding Take Screenshot Activity

Hi Team,

I have an issue regarding Take screenshot . I am using the Take screenshot activity to screenshot of website on Browser and it works, but when I ran the Bot on Remote Desktop(In sleep mode) and it doesn’t take the screenshot of website ,it takes the screenshot of Word Document(which opens automatically) but data extraction works from the same website
Any solution for this issue?


Hello @Rounak_Kumar1 - Make sure that the browser is in the foreground before taking the screenshot. The Activate activity can help with that:

@argin.lerit ,
Activate activity is Not Working

Try n click some active text on the screen to activate.

Coming back to your original question: When RDP is in sleep mode the image for the windows is not rendered, so i suggest you use this in a unattended mode, then take screenshot would work.

set properties waitForRedy to complete ,
if not work
try to print the resolution in the tow case before the screenshot it should be the same

Hi @Rounak_Kumar1

Ensure that the remote desktop settings are configured to allow the session to remain active even when it is minimized or locked. Some remote desktop configurations may automatically lock the session or put it to sleep when it is not in focus. Adjusting the settings can help keep the session active and prevent the screen from locking or going into sleep mode.