Take Screenshot from an invisible area in the web page

Hello Guys,

I’m using Take Screenshot activity to take screenshot from a webpage. The problem is that activity is only able to take screenshot from the visible area.
If the area is at the invisible area and needs to scroll down the webpage, I have no idea how to scroll the page until the entire area is visible.

Thank you.

Hi @he.cao

Do you want to take the screenshot of entire page or you want to take the particular part of the screen.

Hi @prasath_S , I want to take the particular part of the screen.

You can activate any element present in that particular part of the screen using activate activity and then use take screenshot activity.

Hi @prasath_S Are you referring to use an activity like “Click” to activate that element?
I tried “Activate” activity, but it doesn’t work.
When I use “Click” activity, the webpage can be scrolled down to the element, but in some cases the particular part is still not able to appear completely due to its length, so the screenshot is still being partially taken. Is there any solution on this issue?

Are you using Chrome?

If you are using Chrome you can use send hotkey (ctrl -) it was the shortcut for the zoom outbof the s reen.

Hello @he.cao

You can try the “Set Focus” activity with the selector of the UI element. It will set a keyboard focus on the element, and the element will be visible on the screen.