How to take screenshot

Hi everyone,
I am a beginner in Uipath
I want to take screenshot of particular region of the web page . Page down will not serve the purpose as it’s kind of middle section , basically need screenshot of the data in page .

Please suggest the activities/sequence to follow


Hi @pankajdhankhar,
You may simply use the “Take screenshot” activity.Just select the part you wan to take a screenshot of by “Indicate on screen”. Does this solve your issue? :slight_smile:

i used the “Take screenshot” activity and indicated the area on the page.
this is the screen shot which i am getting(actual result)

and this is what i am trying to get(expected result)

please suggest

Hi, if you want to take a screenshot of the whole screen, then your selector needs to be empty (in Properties under Target). If you want a screenshot of just a single element, the selector should be specific to this element, so to accomplish this highlight with Indicate on screen just the area you want your screenshot of.
Also, not to allow your element to be hidden behind a toolbar, you can add first Attach window for the whole window you will be operating on, and then “Maximize window”, after which you will place “Take Screenshot”.

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i used the attach window and maximize window activities still the result is same as it was in the previous reply.

Hi @pankajdhankhar

use UiPath.Core.Activities.TakeScreenshot activity for your desired target.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:

can you guide me how to scroll to a middle section on the page, using pgdn send hotkey skips the region which i want to include in my screenshot.

Hi @pankajdhankhar,
Would the below solution work for you? The flowchart checks if the image containing the word “Region” (which is in the last line of your text) exists on the screen, and if not, scrolls down using “down” key. I have used a double hotkey to speed it up. Also, you can use “text exists” instead of “image exists” or something similar.
Alternatively, maybe the below link will help/inspire you:


I am glad that I could help :slight_smile:

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