How to active webpage element one by one for take screenshot?

Dear RPA,

I’m working on Process that need to take screenshot for some elements from different webpage location.
The challenge i met is how to scroll webpage from one element to the other so that i can take screenshot for them one by one.
Currently, i use click activities but it will involve some errors if the element is Button, link or others.
Do we have any other activities can handle this senario?

How about (1) pageup/pagedown using send hot keys OR (2) Click on vertical scroll bars ?

Hi Kini,

Thanks for your suggestions.
Yes, i can use those functions to solve my problem but the performance will be very low.
If i can move to related element directly, it will be best.

Before you move to any element, first it should be visible on the screen. Hence using page down or scroll may be necessary.

use simulate property in click that time you will be able to click the element even though it is not in visible portion of your screen but somewhere in the same page.

Hi Divya,

I used Set focus activity and Take screenshot activity to take screen shot of all the rows in a structured web page… I Iterated the set focus activity so it took screenshot of all the rows in a webpage now i need to move to next page to do the same…