How to take screenshot of specific area on webpage?


I am using take screenshot activity and it is capturing whole page.
I want to take screenshot of specific area of my webpage.
check below screenshot

but i only want below screen portion of above screenshot .

After taking screenshot i have to save it in powerpoint.
How can i achieve this.

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Hi @Mathkar_kunal

Does the image be on the 1st page or extends down?

If only one page give selector in Take Screenshot activity, and in order to paste the images in PPT there two ways,

  1. Using Python script
  2. VBA
    using python its very fast.

Does the image be on the 1st page or extends down? - not understood.
check once again my both screenshots i don’t want upper and bottom portion of my webpage in my screenshot

Can you indicate the element i.e., the portion which I have highlighted in red

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Hi @Mathkar_kunal

Take Screenshot activity already provide a way to limit the area captured.

Use the ClippingRegion property to achieve that.



but what values i have to pass .
and from where i can get those values?
please help me to provide those values if u have

Hi @Mathkar_kunal

Is a numeric value where you set the distance in pixels.

I edited the answer, see if is clear to understand now.

link below helps to see on how we can use variables for setting the clipping

This extension can help you with the right values:

Use the extension and select the area that you need.

You can see the values on the top.

but how u got those recr values 20,20,50,50

will be done by analysis on the selectable elements used for a later calculation.
For this we suggest to explore it within the uiExplorer, by indicating element and checking which areas are offered.

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i am checking like this using find element
left - o right - 1920 top - 154 bottom - 1035
check below image in right bottom.
and using those values still capturing fi=ull image .

google screen would not give you the details that you need for the JIRA Page. We suggest to analyze the JIRA page.

Hi, use the “Take Screenshot” activity it will automatically show you the options to select the particular “DIV” element from the browser window.
To check if the required screenshot is possible or not, first, open the webpage open “Develop Tool” from “More tool” then click Elements and indicate to the particular element and right-click to select “Capture node screenshot” it will give ss of that element ,if this is possible then the UiPath can also do that :slight_smile:

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this worked or me after cheking with some values.
thanks for suggestions.
can u please tell me how an i put that captured image in powerpoint one by one
(need to take multiple screenshots and save those in powerpoint)

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