Take Screenshot of a Long Page

Hi all,

I have a page with requires long scrolls before I can reach the bottom. Is there a way which I can screenshot the entire content within the page using UiPath take screenshot activity?

An example of the webpage is as below.

Thanks for the help in advance!



We can’t take screenshot of entire page. It’s nothing but Print screen key in our keyboard.

@robot_learner take screenshot activity will take whatever the visibility page of the screenshot.if you want to take full page screenshot you have an option with Mozilla fireshot extension. You have to add that extension to your browser and you can send ctrl+shift+y you will get full page screenshot then you can save asusually.
If you are using any other browsers check is there any extension available.

Or else if you want to take with take screenshot activity then you have to do ctrl± upto the visibility of your full page then you can take screenshot.


There is no direct way to take a screenshot of entire page.
Check if it’s helpful for you -

  1. Send hotkey Ctrl+p to print the entire page.
  2. Select “Save as pdf” option if you are using chrome,
    a. Select “Microsoft print to pdf” option if you are using Internet Explorer
  3. Click on save/print button to save the entire page as a pdf file.
  4. By using Pdf activity “Export PDF Page As Image” you can convert it into image. Supported extensions are (".png, .jpeg, .tiff, .bmp, .gif ").