Take Screenshot Activity Not Getting What I Want

Is there an easy way to use this activity to just take a screenshot of the whole screen? I am trying to take a screenshot of the Edge window so I have the selector as “” but I am not getting a screenshot of the screen back. I am getting a weird images.

Anyone know anything that could help grab a screenshot of any Edge window currently on the screen? Thanks

Hello @jpreziuso

Can you try as explained in the doc below by setting the clipping region. If you are selecting by selector it will take the screenshot of that element.

Use the classic Take Screenshot with no selector.

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Hi @jpreziuso,

Edge also sees pop-ups on the left and right when there is no title. That’s why you get pointless screenshots.

That’s why you should give it a title.



Thank you, this worked

FYI they’ve said they plan to “fix” the modern Take Screenshot so it can work the same way, but I don’t think they have done that yet.

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