New TakeScreenshot activity only for choosing elements?

Hey, I have recently discovered the modern design on Take Screenshot Activity, but all it lets me choose for the Target is an Element, and not a screen for the application. Am I missing something?
It’s nice to be able to crop the particular element that you’re interested and only save that (the old Take Screenshot was not able to do that), but I still need to have the possibility to take the screenshot of whole screen. In that case do I have to use the old Classic version of the activity or can it be somehow done with the new one?


Hello @salladinne

In this activity also you can set the clipping region. Either during inspecting, just drag and select the full screen.

Else you can manually set the clipping region. If you only want that application screen, you can inspect on the corners and find the frame which selects the entire applciation screen.

Are you talking about Image Selection mode in the Edit Descriptor view?
I have it greyed out when I create new selection, it forces me to select a hoverable element.
Once I select the hoverable element and try to overwrite it with Image Selection screen (click and drag the whole screen method) - I get following error:


Although the hoverable element was within the same window as the click-and-drag

Any ideas?

Yes, and this is a major issue IMO. Something they’re aware of and said they’ll fix, but haven’t.

You can just use the classic Take Screenshot to get around this.

You can then enable classic selectors and use it. In the filter panel enable classic

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