Table Extraction "This element type is not eligible for table extraction"

New user here, learning as I go and i’ve hit a snag to which i cannot find the answer.

I am attempting to perform a table extraction however i get the following error:

Can anyone shed any light on how i can resolve it please.

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Hi @Morris_Coyle ,
Are you trying to import the table from a document or website? Can you share an example?

Ah yes i should have said, its from a website; Had to hide some fields as they may be sensitive but it looks like this. The ‘next page’ button is the 3 dots at the top


which activity are you using? is this the data scraping? remember for new data scraping you just need to select any of the cells and the table will recognize automatically


Yes, this is using the Extract Data Table method. I can get this to work when looking at the example and can get it to work just fine. But the website table I am doing as part of this exercise kicks up the error message above.

can you try getting the table but by region? selecting the region

Look at the underlying HTML. Is it actually an HTML TABLE?