Data Scraping only takes first 15 rows

Hi Every one hope you all doing well.

I have a requirement where i need to extract structure data, but when I am using Data scraping it only take first 15 rows, but there are more than thousand row, if anyone can help me on this issue then i will be very grateful.
Here You can see I extracted first column

@koushik While scraping data, after extracting column you have to click on extract Correlated data and then on the last limitation of table data.
For example:
i.e page <,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,>
Then click on > to extract all the data of given table.


Hi Vrushali,

There are no extra pages, only one page hold all records.



You have to create selectors that picks all data.
Check your div tags, if you scroll down, are they changing ?

@Lakshay_Verma I checked in Uiexplorer, the current page highlight entire page but still data scraping scrape only first 15 records, I change this property too…

Hello @koushik,

Try with these changes :
Make exact=‘0’

and at end add “<webctrl tag=‘div’ / >”
(before closing column tag).

Hope this helps !!


Hello @rohith.prabhu, thank you for your reply, I tried your solution and getting an error. Can you check this and give some idea?

‘div’ / has some issue, i guess u have used the wrong quotes, copy ‘div’ with single quote from above line and try.

Hello @rohith.prabhu, single quote solved the error but data not scraping now.


Can you share URL ?

Sorry, I can’t.

try with exact=‘1’.

I’m having the same problem and i tried all the above and could not insert all rows.
12 only when I use modern and 14 when using classic!!!
Do you think of any possible resolution to this issue??
Thanks in advance

can share the selector pls

Hi @keerthana_E_elumalai_S,
can you please share with us the Selector, page URL(if available), activity proprieties however you can try first to make sure that MaxNumberOfResult = (-1)