Cannot data scraping a html table

Hi, I want to data scrap a html table but after I select the first column and proceed to extract 2nd column with correlated data, an error occurs. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

The error is: Cannot determine a pattern, please indicate another sample element, correlated with the samples from the beginning of the collection.

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Hi ,

Use build data table to have the column names and try selecting second row first element with data scraping , loop through each row in result of data scraping and add it the table which you have built intially

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it looks like there are some deeper configurations on the exreact XML to do. But in general we can grab such data (also with additional tools techniques like combined find childrenm, XML Processing, XPath…)

But for finding the best approach a definition of exact extraction result is needed as we have to look on deep details.

Hi Peter, any idea how to do it with uiPath?

as mentioned above please share with us a detailed definition of the expected extraction output