Table Data Extract Issue

Hi All,
Would you please provide some suggestion on the table data extraction issue from a desktop/windows application built on .net

When reading table data with ‘Get Text’ & ‘Get Full Text’ activities, its results an empty string. Using Screen Scrapping option, tool is selecting Scrapping Method as OCR by default and the results are not accurate with both OCR engines. Changing to Native or FullText is failing to read the grid.

‘NATIVE method failed to scrape this UI Element’
‘No text extracted from this UI Element’

Data Scrapping results following error and tool is not able to select the table cell as its selecting entire table region.
‘This Control does not support data extraction. Please select a table cell.’

UI explorer is only identifying the class name and there is no grid or table related attribute(s) in the selectors. (Tried with both UI Framework as UIA & AA.)

There is ‘idx’ attribute value in selector but changing its value is failing to find the element in the screen.

So please suggest how to extract the data from this table.


use Find Children Activity and get all the rows selector.
After that.use for Each loop
If get text is not working Properly try by using Get Attribute and use Title property.
Add all the text to a List.


Hi Mahesh,
Thanks for the response.

  • Our target application is built on Cincom ObjectStudio and does not provide handles to elements on a window.
  • Application not allowing hot keys; tried Ctrl + A" and “Ctrl + C” and no data is copied.
  • UIExplorer is not able to Click/Select a single cell in the grid. Tool is recognizing the screen attributes as below. Since there is no table/grid attributes are present, the data read actions with tool is giving an empty string.
  • The Find Children is not finding the actual table cells/values. Instead of its giving other screen properties like menu bar, scroll up/down…etc

Please suggest.

@naganayudu204454 can you please check is there any export option for that application.If yes,you can export that data into excel or CSV. Then you can automate as per your need.
Aman Sheik

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Hi Aman,
Unfortunately app wont provide any export option to download the grid data.

Your help is much appreciated.