Trying to get Information from Data Grid Desktop Application

Program Name
Sage Sales Logix
Program Platform
Windows Desktop Application
We are trying to get information from a data grid that is selectable to save it on a Data Table, once we have this information on the data table; we will do some analysis and then will go back to the selectable data grid to double click on a specific row from that Data Table.
My Problem
UiPath recognizes the element that contains the Data Grid as one element only as if it was an image or something similar…
What we have tried

  1. Screen Scrapping
    a. We followed the steps of the wizard but it is just getting the text with Native as the Scrapping Method, if we select full text it won’t work…, since the data grid could have a very large scrolling bar and we will have to somehow scroll and copy blocks of data.

b. Additional to that error described above, once we get the information from the native method it doesn’t structure the data properly which leaves us with some problems for analysis of the data table, we tried several combinations (With headers, without…, different options for string separators) which at the end leaves the Screen Scrapping as a bad option for the automation we are trying to do.

c. As you see column 5 is taking more than 1 header which makes it difficult for the type of analysis that we need to do.

  1. Sending keyboard keys

a. Unfortunately the application was designed to not accept to copy anything from the Data Grid, so we can navigate thought the options but can’t hit on enter or copy the information from a row.

  1. Using the Data Scrapping Extraction Wizard
    a. When trying to pull the information using that tool we got the following error message

  2. OCR
    a. OCR will just provide us the information from the current page (it doesn’t get the information as it should, this option is not useful for us on this specific situation) but it’s good to mention that we tried this as well.

  3. Other activities we’ve tried
    i. Get Text

  4. Shows a Blank Message box message
    ii. Get Full Text

  5. Shows a Blank Message box message
    iii. Get Visible Text

  6. This option works with Native but we need to get the full text including whatever is down the scrollbar
    iv. Get OCR Text

  7. Gives data but not as we want it
    v. Get Attribute

  8. Not sure if this option works for desktop applications but we were not able to make it work, tried different options as
    a. Text
    b. innertText
    c. items
    d. outerText


What is the error message that you get for DataScraping? this one?

Did you try Find Children activity? – Nevermind, I don’t think it will work.

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That is correct! the message is

i tried many things…

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Hi @kevin.alfaro, I am also having the similar requirement related to data scraping in one desktop application. Data is in the grid view of VB desktop application and none of the data scraping methods are working.

Could you please update if you find any workable solution to this issue?
Thank you in advance.