Szcrapping a Desktop application from a Grid that has a scroll


I am trying to extract data in a a Desktop application from a Grid that has a scroll bar:

i had tryed the datascapping it gives:


the quantity of data are variable,

which methode can i use?

DataScrapping Wizard will work. It extracts all the data. Did u tried?

yes i trid it but, it dis not work it givves :


I had found a workaround but there is a problem:

ii’m trying to find the number of loccurence of a particular word in the scrapped data, i had used Get full text, matches, send pgdn hokey but when i’m scrollong from pages to another i retreive the same ligne that contain the First match. how can i assure that i get the exact numnber of occcurence?test_dte.xaml (16.3 KB)

Hier antivirus body had idea


When you use the data scrapping tool make sure you use it on a particular cell (it should highlight just one cell and it will retrieve all of that data depending on the application) so there is no need to page down.

Hello it is quite urgent:

Here is the situation:

I need to Scrape:

The window application does not support the datascrapping

It only allow screen scrapping: using this and because of the scroll bar, i had to scrap many times to check if:

1-There is didtinct element in the last column.

2-the last Column contain only “CHEQUE”

3-the last Column contain only "PRECOMPTE S/T "

the problem is the column where these information existe varie and it is not fix, here is an example:

i had made a workflow but if every time the scrapping result is not the same, i'm afraid that it does not work in all times