How to extract Grid data from Desktop Application to data table?

Want to get all the row information. How to Scroll?

Have you tried datascraping?

And for scrolling you can use send Hotkeys with page down.

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Datascraping is not working
Which will show an error.

  • Use Screen scraping using Native method, which will give you output as string.
  • Use Generate datatable activity to convert String to Datatable (Provide column separator as space and row separator as environment.newline)

thank you its working…
But I have one more dbout.
Is there any way to find out the first blank row of the grid. And I want to insert/update to that row.

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Hi Aromal,

Yes try navigating through for each row in the extracted data table and use if condition with (row.tostring="")

But in screen scraping we are not able to scroll. Please assue that i want to insert to 15th row.

And i want to insert code and username to the specified cells

If you want to insert a row then use add data row activity. If you want @15th row to be added then use for each activity with a counter of increment 1 and once your counter is 15 use add data row with relevant data.


Thank you for your quick response hari.

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No problem, if it solves your problem I will be happy:wink:

In data table we can add it but how can we add it to grid.

Wants to insert to the 8th row of the grid

You mean to say, you want the data to be added to your desktop application?


Okay this depends on how your desktop application behaves and if you want to insert the data based on extracted data then i will suggest you to keep a track of places( row numbers) where data need to be inserted and then accordingly use the keystrokes as per the track.