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Please do correct me If I am wrong.
System Exception in Process Block : As per REF if a system exception occurs in Process block it moves to Init block and starts the process again from scratch.
Is there a way to manipulate this : I mean what if I had total of 10 transaction items and let say while BOT is processing the 9th transaction item, it got system exception in process block, so in this case if I am not wrong then it will start the entire process again by calling the init block.

Not sure IF i AM Completely correct with the above pointer, but if that’s correct isn’t there a way to optimize it, so if while processing 9th transaction item a system exception occurs in process, can we re try the same transaction item again and not start the complete process again.?

‘Maxretry’ in config : If I am not wrong then it states the number of retries that has to be given to a transaction item in occurrence of a business exception, if using queues it should be set 0, so while using queues from where this number be extracted?


If you are using Orchestrator Queues then set MaxRetryNumber to 0 in config file else mention as per how many times you want to retry for failed items. It’s better to keep 2 or 3.

If any system exception occurs at the time of processing item then it will close all applications and will go to INIT state and will retry same transaction by specifying number of times. Once that limit reached then it will go next item and will process it.

Thanks for your prompt response.

  1. You mean to say that if system exception occurs for 9th transaction in process block, BOT will go to Init->Get Transaction and then process the 9th transaction again and won’t start entire process again by processing from transaction 1?

  2. MaxtRetryNum - Is this only used to Retry for the same transaction item if business exception occurs? In case of system exception(in process block) how many times the BOT will go back to Init and start everything again? Is there any counter for the BOT to to go to INiti and start things again if system exception is encountered in Process block, Will it not get into endless loop if system exception keeps occurring in process?

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Yes, Exactly. It will start processing from 9th Transaction only but not from starting.

In Success and Business Rule exception case it won’t retry it. Whenever system exception occurs it will retry specified number of times mentioned in the MaxRetryNumber in config file.

Refer SetTransactionStatus workflow in REFramework to get more idea on this.

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