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In my REFramework Process I have UI steps 1 through N. If a system Exception happens during the process at step 5, if I set retry count to 3, where does the retry occur?

Does it start re-trying at step5? Does it start re-trying the entire process of steps 1 through N?

During re-try does it do init state?

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Hi @A_Learner

It retries the transaction itself from the begin after closing all applications involved and restart them.

Yes, after if fails with System Exception it goes to init state but does not reprocess First Run block


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  1. After retrying for specified number of times, if still system exception happening what does it do?

  2. With retry if system exception is taken care of, does it go to next transaction?

  3. With System Exception can I change the flow to get transaction instead of init? What happens with this?

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Hi @A_Learner

When an system exception occured it goes back to the init state and closes all the application relaunches the application. When it reaches the maximum retry count i.e., 3 the transaction will be marked as Failed and it goes to the next transaction.

→ The transaction is marked as Failed and goes to next transaction
→ If you want to change the flow to Get Transaction Data if system exception occurs in Set Transaction Status xaml you can replicate the same logic of system exception in business exception flow and try once.

Hope you understand!!

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  1. It moves to next transaction
  2. Yes even then it goes to next transaction
  3. You can …but ideally in case of system exception preferrably it goes to init as we donot know the state of the application…for example the application might be hanged or is stuck on a pge also…if it is not restarted the next transaction also fails or it migh tbe on a different page and the next transaction also fails…for that reason we go to init. …so that all applications are closed and reopened

Hope this helps


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