Could not retrieve the result of the job execution

I am getting “Message: Could not retrieve the result of the job execution. This might be because a message was too large to process.
Exception Type: System.Exception”
from Read Range activity.

I have an excel file that contains a data with 1000+ rows, and 30-40 columns. I need to retrieve this dataTable, and have to process it. So I am first using Read Range activity.

But it gives the error written above! I have never seen this error before, and google search didn’t really get me anywhere to solve this problem… What is worse, I put the Read Range inside a Try Catch, but it is not catching this error!

I have a Message Box inside Catch, but it doesn’t print that. Instead, it just stops the execution!

Any way to solve this? I am at my wits end.

Hi @tomato25,

Which Read Range activity?
There are actually 2:

  • App Integration\Excel\Table\Read Range
  • System\File\Workbook\Read Range

Depending on what you want to do, the File\Workbook\Read Range is probably faster but more limited in possibilities.

The question is what do you want to do next with your Range/ DataTable ?


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Hi buddy
This error is due to a text written to console like using message box or write line activity
if any such activity is used kindly remove them and run once
this error doesn’t occur due to Read range
for more info on this

Kindly check this once and let know buddy
You were almost done
Cheers @tomato25

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Actually I am not using anything else other than Read Range activity.
What is weird is, this progress runs successfully. After the execution, the error is thrown!

@tomato25 Are you running this from Orchestrator and/or writing anything to console? Have attached a sample workflow that reads an excel and gives the count of rows

Main.xaml (4 KB) Test.xlsx (255.0 KB)

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System/File/Workbook/ReadRange is what I am using.

Kindly have a look on these threads buddy that could definitely help you solve this

Cheers @tomato25

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