Excel : Large records problem

I have seen other forum posts around this but the fix mentioned there doesn’t work for me. I have an automation that used to run fine (no failures or changes over the last 3 months). It does a SQL query and writes the results in an excel sheet using the Excel activity. The amount of data is normally around 100k lines. There was a spike in data today and we received 540k lines and UiPath just can’t put that into Excel. I tried the workbook write range activity too without success. It only has about 30 columns. In the Excel activity, I get a “Cannot write to A1” error with an HREF error in the detail. Nothing that hints what the problem is. Workbook activity just spits out a general system error.
System memory is fine (only about 60% used). CPU is ok too.

Any ideas?

Kindly check this issue if it matches.

I had the same issue. Ended up using the OLEDB package to treat the Excel sheet as DB and have had no issues since then. You can use normal SQL queries to manipulate your Excel sheet without any speed loss. The only drawback would be that one user at a time will be able to work with the file.