Switching Attended Robot (Node-Locked) to another machine

Hello, as the title, can we switch node-locked robot to another machine without orchestrator?

Can we run the node-locked robot using Orchestrator Community Version?

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yah we can take the .nupkg file from C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Projects folder and extract that file in your next machine and run the xaml from there in that machine’s studio

and for this

we can create a attended bot in orchestrator and add our robot and machine to it
but we wont be able to execute a attended robot from orchestrator
we can only manage them like getting logs and checking

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Hi, Thanks for the reply.

is it possible to move the attended robot (node-locked) license to another machine as well?

its going to used in orchestrator only
so we can open that orchestrator in another machine and use that attended robot, as orchestrator is a web application
but if we want to make use of the license of a robot to another machine which is being installed already in the current one, we need to contact the technical team who provided you with

Cheers @ZhiRen

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So, meaning that the node-locked robot cannot run using orchestrator community version??

What i mean from previous question is related to this, but i not quite sure, because there are so many different answer from the community :woozy_face: