How to activate Attended Robot License (Node Lock) without Orchestrator?

How can I activate Attended Robot License (Node Lock) without Orchestrator and do I activate it on the robot’s environment/machine in this case the users computer?

also how can I know what is the current status of the robot license?


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As for node-locked studio license, it only allows the user to users to work successively on a machine using the same software instance. Node-locked’s best-case scenario use is usually for environments where employees work in shifts.

Hi @lakshman thank you for your reply.

with your response I assume that I need to activate the license on the machine that employees are working on.

As I have already activated the studio license, now I’m having a problem on activating the robot license as we don’t have the Orchestrator.

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I guess you activated both studio and Robot. Just run any process from studio and check it once.