UiPath orchestrator, attended and unattended Licensing

Hello everyone, please I need your help. I researched about the licensing that UiPath handles, and I am already clear on what types of environments the community version can be used. I currently have a client that needs to acquire the license of the tool, which I don’t know, is if you can purchase the licenses separately, that is, the client can only buy the license attended without having to purchase the orchestrator license and without having to acquire the Studio license?

Hi @clavijo

You can purchase enterprise license only for the robot. It is not a must to buy the orchestrator.

The studio and the development bot license will be required for the developer \s to development process. This would be a named user license.

For the machine in client side that runs the program in attended mode, you can get a named user license only for the bot

However for the unattended scenario, it is not recommended to use bots without the orchestrator as orchestrator is the controller for unattended bots.

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Thanks for answering @Lahiru.Fernando,

So in the scheme you mentioned, the client would only need to acquire the Attended License and I could develop the robot in a Studio Community Edition on my laptop? If this is the case, then what should I install on the client’s machine, how can I install the attended robot on the client’s machine without installing UiPath Studio?

On the other hand, how can I purchase this attended license if in my country (Ecuador, LATAM), there is no UiPath representative?