Switch frame for iframes



It would be great to have an activity to switch between frames like Switchframe(1) switchframe(2)


Could you give an example use case? I might be missing something, but I think of frames as just UiElements.


Yes. we need the example :). iFrames can be treated exactly like UIElements so why switch? There are different selectors for different iFrames, I hope. Secondly iFrames are rare.


I am unable to find the site with selectors that i tried it on. will search and post here shortly.


Hi Badita,
Here is an example.
In Chrome:

In IE:

That is an iframe I am trying to select. When I use chrome I am able to select the entire iframe as one element. But in IE i am able to select every element inside the iframe.

Is my understanding wrong? Is it a limitation of chrome browser?


I have same problem. Have you found a solution?