Switch frame for iframes

It would be great to have an activity to switch between frames like Switchframe(1) switchframe(2)

Could you give an example use case? I might be missing something, but I think of frames as just UiElements.


Yes. we need the example :). iFrames can be treated exactly like UIElements so why switch? There are different selectors for different iFrames, I hope. Secondly iFrames are rare.

I am unable to find the site with selectors that i tried it on. will search and post here shortly.

Hi Badita,
Here is an example.
In Chrome:

In IE:

That is an iframe I am trying to select. When I use chrome I am able to select the entire iframe as one element. But in IE i am able to select every element inside the iframe.

Is my understanding wrong? Is it a limitation of chrome browser?

I have same problem. Have you found a solution?

any solution to this problem yet??

This is Very old issue… looks like it was not resolved. Please remove and add again your google chrome extension… that will resolve your issue. if not then please upgrade your Dot.Net Framework version as 4.6. That will fix this issue till 2.4. I have’t faced this issue in 18.3.

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