Unable to get few selectors in chrome

Need some help as I am unable to get selectors in chrome for 1 part of the web page (iframe) whereas able to get selectors from the other parts. Can someone please help me to know if there is any way to get the selectors for the highlighted screen.


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Try with different selector modes

Open UI explorer and click on UI Framework button

There we can see three different indicating elements option

Try each one of those and use that selector in accessing the element


If that doesn’t work can we try in IE if possible

Cheers @jyotsnasp

Hello Palaniyappan,

I tried with all 3 different selector modes but nothing is working to get selectors from that specific iframe. I also tried with IE and edge still no luck. Is there any other way?

Fine then let’s try with image based activities or send hot key activity
Cheers @jyotsnasp