How to deal with IFRAMES in UIPATH

I am having problem while dealing with IFRAMES in my application during automating a scenario. Also by using UI-Explorer I am not able to locate the desired Element of WebPage. In below screenshot you can see the cursor position and element selection. Can you please guide me how can I perform different activities using UIPATH with in IFRMAES.

Moreover it select the wrong value from dropdown (In my case if I send “Active” value as an argument it select “Passive” from dropdown). It does not allow me to show another screenshot because of new user registered.

Hi @faizi.malik560

I made your topic public as a potential solution might help others.

Have you tried updating your UIAutomation package to the latest version?

I am using the latest one i.e 20.8.0. But it’s not working either with dropdown value selection. It selects the wrong value from dropdown. (In my case if I send “Active” value as an argument it select “Passive” from dropdown)

Could you maybe try on the latest 20.10?

If multiple select does not work , I would recommend you to try the following combo:
Click on combo → switch case to the options → click down arrow as many times as needed for each option.

Second method : Try to use JS for select value .

If you need more help feel free to ask

Use the “Web record” from the top and check whether you are able to locate the element. If yes, save the record and then go to Edit selector or Open in UI explorer and check the element id or other details.


Could you maybe share more details about your application?

Are you able to reproduce this behaviour on a public website using an Iframe?

Although I am still not able to find any activity related to handling Iframes. I am now using the 20.10 automation package. I was able to locate elements by selecting different option of UI Framework through UI-Explorer. In this way I was able to deal with dropdown as well.

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