Complexity with Iframe Applications

Hi people,

I just have a question regarding an application that BOT will be dealing with if is built underlying on iFrame, will it add to the complexity to the BOT to identify selectors ? OR, it’s just an application that BOT could easily identity selectors and work with ?

Whats your experience working with applications built underlying on iFrame ?

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Usually, you cannot identify any selectors within an IFrame hence, this will add complexity since you will use Image-based activities.

If you have experienced working with Ui Elements then you won’t have a hard time understanding activities using images (somehow :slight_smile: ) as input.

Depending on the complexity, you can finish a process in 4 - 6 weeks.


Thanks for your reply! Well image based activities as in google/Microsoft OCR ?

As in everything with image


Hi @malhotraneha162000

We do try to improve iframe automation. Also, I’ve seen a cleaver solution of one user. He would extract the url of the iframe, append it to the main url of the page and then open such prepared link in the new tab. This would allow him to have full access to the elements of that iframe :slight_smile:


Hello all,

I encountered same issue and for me works following:

Getting data from iframe works only with packages Uipath.UIAutomation.Activities version 18.4.6 and only without using Attach Browser activities as with version 18.4.6 studio doesnt know Edge Browser type and with IE type its of course not working. It was working for me with full selectors.

‚Edge‘ browser type is known only for version 19.x but then its not able to retrieve data from iframe.

I hope this helps.


Hi @nikola_kocourkova

Does it mean that the latest UiAutomation package does not work for you with iframes?

Are there any plans for UiPath to add this as an activity? Something like ‘Attach Iframe Scope’ that can be used within a Browser scope to allow interaction with the IFrame DOM? Retrieving the IFrame src attribute and opening it in a new tab is a good workaround, but if the IFrame interacts with the parent page at all it wouldn’t be a viable solution.

Actually, I think there were several improvements in the latest UiAutomation package that should natively support iframe scenario.

It would be nice to have some examples to learn what is not working. Feel free to submit such feedback directly from Studio with as much details as possible :slight_smile:

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yes, I tried 19.7.0 uiautomation package version (using 2018.4.6 studio) and I was not able to search for each element within the iframe. Retrieving the url didnt work for me and using screen scraping methods didnt provide accurate data. Get text from iframe returns empty string.

When I instal 18.4.5 or 18.4.6 uiautomation package, its searching for each element also within the iframe and its possible to get text from these elements.

It would be nice to debug the issue. Would it be possible to receive some examples of the iframe that you are trying to access? Maybe a project that reproduces the issue using some publicly available website as an example?

We could then be able to investigate and fix the issue.

Hi @nikola_kocourkova

Here is something you can try. When you upgrade your UiAutomation package, also upgrrade your System.activities also and try indicating the iFrame using the different UiFrameworks in UiExplorer.

Pls explain how to do it

Wen using UiPath automation activities with the browser do not forget to switch to ‘Active Accessibility’ UI Framework. This will allow you to access iframes and their content.
You could do this by pressing ‘F4’ hotkey during selector selection or by pressing ‘UI Framework’ in UI Explorer


@loginerror Here’s a page with iframe that works in IE but not Chrome. Let’s say that we want to select “Opel” from the list “Choose a car”.

In Internet Explorer, it just works:
image image

In Chrome you need to switch to Active Accessibility to identify the combo box, but it doesn’t work well with the Select Item activity.



It looks like some improvements might have already been made for the modern design experience on this UIAutomation package version:

I did have to switch to Active Accessibility first, but I was then able to select the desired item:

I then run the automation and it did in fact select the desired element.

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Thanks @loginerror. I tested to update to the preview version and Select Item with AA seems to work fine in Classic mode also, except for a visual bug. After the bot have selected “Opel”, I need to switch to another Chrome tab and back before the text is changed from “Volvo” to “Opel”.

Thanks @Ilya_Kochetov , this actually worked for me …usig f4 to access the Active Accessibility framework…

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Thanks, it’s working…