Accessing iFrame elements chrome




This problem is related just to Chrome (IE is working). I am trying to fill three textbox that are inside an iframe dynamically loaded when I click a link in his parent webpage. The problem is that the Ui Inspector is unable to inspect inside the iFrame node, so the selector that is offering is this:

webctrl tag=‘IFRAME’

The selector refers to the container, not to the inside html. I was able to write with the Type Into activity, mixed with tab key, but I was wondering if there is a way to add something to the selector so I can access the inner html element directly, and not depend on the position of the fields.

Thank you


Have you installed the UiPath plugin for Chrome?


Yeah, it’s installed…


I’m facing the same problem. Any update?


Does UiExplorer not give you any further options?


In Chrome the UiExplorer doesn’t recognizes any elements inside an iframe. This is a major problem for all of us using web automation and being unable to use IE. For example, my clients use Google products (Like Google Ads, Gogle Analytics, Google Tag Manager) and these platforms don’t work in IE.
I am doing “Click OCR Text” activities or I use “Citrix automation recording” for solving simple clicks. This solution increases the time per tasks with 10, 15 and even 50 seconds (for a click) due to timeout on OCR…

Looking forward to a solution to this iFrame situation :slight_smile:


Any solution found for Iframe apart from keyoard automation


Hi @crimaru,

Have you tried to run js scripts? There is an acvitity for it in UiPath. It could be a solution.


I face the similar issue where I am working in React JS and it looks similar to the iFrame screen. Facing difficulty in the UI action while building the workflow. Currently I am using the Click OCR activity and still it doesn’t suit for many elements. Please explain do we need to use Inject Js Script activity for every element that I need to work? Thanks in advance.