Switch between Studio X and Studio

Under my License and Profile, I don’t have the option to change or view profile which will let me toggle between Studio and Studio X. Is this a licensing issue?

Thanks for the help!

@RPANovice1 Hello, Well When I need to Use StudioX, What I do is to enable StudioX directly in Studio


Oncce yu Enable it, the StudioX activities show up

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Hi @RPANovice1,

If you have Studio license assigned to you then you should be able to see both options as below:

But if you only have studioX assigned for you, you won’t be able to use or switch to studio using ‘License and Profile’ tab there.

Which license is assigned to you?

To check the license type assigned to you, go to orchestrator, Users tab at tenant level, search your username, click on edit and see. Below screen should be there.



Thanks for the response! That makes sense.

Hi @RPANovice1,

If your doubts are resolved and there are no further queries, I would suggest to mark solution so this topic can be clsoed :slight_smile:


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