After switching to StudioX loss the profile change option from setting menu and can not go back to Studio


Can someone help how to switch back to Studio from StudioX.
No profile change option is available for me in StudioX as described in many topics in forum.
Have tried to uninstall and install Studio community and after installation its start with studioX and not Studio…
Can someone help.

Hi @Latif

Please take a look at the following thread:

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.


The following might help you.
For now, can you check your plan and license at AutomationCloud?


I checked that … nothing is available


Hi @Latif - Did you try this way

  • Uninstall the tool from control panel
  • Delete all the respective folders
  • Restart your system
  • Try again installing the studio version


Next, can you check AutomationDeveloper license is assigned to the user or group?


Where I find this?

Check the following image.


This option I can not find.


If possible, can you try to turn on UserLicenseManagement at Admin - Settings - Advanced in AutomationCloud?

Or if it’s difficult, it’s necessary to config license in the orchestrator.


Thanks …
After enabling that UserLicenseManagement I could see the License Allocation and then I added Admin user to Automation developer - Names User - license.
And now I can connect to old Studio version.

Thanks for the big help.

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