"view or change profile" in uipath studiox not visible

Hi, when I install UiPath studio community addition, it automatically installs the studiox. When I try to change the profile, “view or change profile” in UiPath studiox is not visible. Please help.
here is an image for your reference.

Thanks and Regards
Ankush Pandey

I want to install the UiPath studio not studiox
or be able to switch to studio from studiox.


Hello @Ankush_Pandey

During the installation which profile you have selected? Have you selected studio or studiox?

Also have you connected to orchestrator?


Hi @Ankush_Pandey ,

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I feel it is due to license. May be it got allocated to studiox license so it don’t have capability to switch to studio profile. I think you have to license type to studio so it will have capability to switch between both profiles. Please verify the below link for more help. Thanks


It seems your license plan might be not community plan but pro free plan.
For now, can you check your plan at Admin-License page in Automation Cloud as the following?

If it’s free plan, as there is only Automation Express license, Studio cannot be used.
Please create new organization as Community plan using another account or delete current organization then re-create new one.


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Hi @Ankush_Pandey ,

I can confirm this is an Automation Express license which has only StudioX available on it. If you’re a community user, please switch this accordingly.


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