Generate Yearly Report Dispatcher Error - String cannot be converted to Queue

I am getting this error: “Value of type ‘String’ cannot be converted to ‘UIPAth.Core.QueueItem’”

I have followed the PDF instructions carefully and watched a walkthrough video of this assignment to make sure I didnt miss anything. No matter what, I still get this error.

I followed this video Generate Yearly Report - Dispatcher Part 1 | UiPath Level 3 Exercise - YouTube
When he Validates (12:10 mark), he gets no errors. I followed up to this point exactly and get the mentioned error.

And yes, I have changed all QueueItem types to String for TransactionItem variables within the project.

I’ve looked all over the forum and web and still cannot find the solution.

@AustinH, Hi and Welcome to the forum.

follow the instructions on this link:

Thanks for the reply but I’ve seen that thread already…
The post and answers are covering a separate part of the project (where in_TransactionItem is used).
Also the people commenting are telling him to change back from String to QueueItem type.
The instructions on the PDF and also the video I mention in my original post use String type.

Hello @AustinH

Just comment that activity, since you are not getting items from the orchestrator, you won’t be using it.

Let me know how it’s goes… :grin:

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I’m not following…
So delete the “Get Transaction Item” window?

I’m still not sure what to do here. How did everyone else that read the pdf get thru this?
It truly makes no sense to me that they specifically tell you to change this to “String” type.
What am I missing here?


I don’t remember what’s in the pdf, but just delete that activity and it will work fine…

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Thanks. I realized that this is the correct step to take.

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