StudioX - Word / For Each File in Folder / Excel For Each Row


I would like to create the following automation:

  • I have 5 Word files with a similar template in a folder
  • Now I would like replace text in all this docs, but with different inputs
  • I have an Excel file with 5 different customer data inside and now I would like to fill these data with a replace text activity in the Word docs row by row.

My issue is that StudioX always takes the data from the first row in Excel and puts in the same data in every Word file. Could you help me and tell me why it doesn’t goes row by row? Which activities I forgot?

I’ve attached a screenshot below.

Thank you!


For each row use word file and inside word file use replace text in document.

Because you want to:
read excel > for each row in that excel > open specific word document > replace some text in that document.


It still replaces all the 5 Word documents just with the first Excel row. My goal ist that every Word file gets the data from a different row in the Excel:

For example:

Word_File_1: Name → Marco
Word_File_2: Name → Dino

Now it replaces all the 5 Word files just with the first row (Marco) in Excel.

Thank you.