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Dear all,

I am pretty new to UiPath (Studio X).
Right now I built an automation where the bot logs into a website, enters client data which he pastes from excel into dedicated fields and then in the end has to upload a pdf file (the invoice)
This process has to be repeated for several processes.
So regarding the invoice details pasted from excel i used the “for each row” automation which works pretty well.
The problem is that I need to upload a separate file for each process that matches to the information used in excel before.

So right now I have two problems.
Biggest one is - which action do I use so that the bot uploads a pdf file for each process
Second one is - how do I make sure the bot uses the right one (in the worst case I could rename the files but that would only be a workaround)


Hi @lo86

is it possible to add a new column to excel that represents the full path of the file that you want to upload? If so, in for each row you will have the desired file path.

To upload the file depends the destination application but in general you can use Click and Type Into activity, passing the full path of the file that can be already populate in source excel file

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Hi @rikulsilva,

thank you. That would mean some manual work before but still better than it is right now! Thanks for the inspiration

Hi @lo86

You can automate this step as well. Just build a logic to get the desired file at runtime filtering files by folder, name, extension in for each row activity using row values

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